About this site..

Vintage Vacation Photos is the best site to view many old travel and vacation photos from around the world.

The idea for this site sprang from a simple purchase: an old case filled with slides of a family vacation to Europe in 1962. Not only were the photos spectacular, they also represented a slice of history that isn't often seen on today's internet.

The images on this site are not professional, nor are they perfect. They are scans of old slides, most from the 1940s through 1970s, the golden age of slide photography. These scans have been minimally enhanced. Color and contrast may be slightly adjusted, but only to make photos viewable. Some may be dark, somewhat out of focus, etc -- just as they were taken.

Please enjoy these photos as they are presented. Please do not re-distribute them or link without first asking permission.

 New Trips

Colorado, 1964

Visit Denver, Red Rocks, and more.

Sinclair Dinosaurs, 1968

Enjoy the Sinclair Dinosaur Tour -- in 1968!

Miami Area Tourist Traps, 1967

Enjoy tourist destinations in the Miami, Florida area including the Gulfarium and Parrot Jungle.

Egypt and Greece, Part 1, 1969

Take a trip up the Nile to Cairo, then fly to Greece and enjoy Athens.